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The Mirage

Sketchbook Story

The Mirage

by Axe

for S—— R——

Within vermillion borders coy,

Beneath blind cupids bow,

A strange oasis haunts the wastes

Embraced by sandy woe.

Through trembling air, her sweet slow breath

He feels upon his face.

Without his will, his burned eyes close.

His heart accelerates.

Across the sands, her scending sighs

Rock comforts through his mind:

Surcease of mortal hunger’s pain,

Deep rest in shades sublime.

He feels her softer, brushing lips,

He breathes her offered breath.

Her breath is warmer than the winds,

Yet wet like life from death.

He feels her lips begin to search.

She fits him perfectly.

She lingers now, with sliding press

Learns him unhurriedly.

Here cuts the edge of destiny:

She may just fade away,

Leave in the baking, blinding sun

Her pleasures turned to pain.

She may command him with a sound,

His soul slump to its knees,

There yielding him to her caprice

To do with as she please.

She smiles and laughs, opens her mouth.

He groans and pulls her close.

Dissolving now into her kiss,

Away as sands he blows.

† † †



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