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Course Catalog, Fall 2014


Course Catalog, Fall 2014

Steel, the miracle alloy

Fire won't melt it!

Sex without consequences (Special relativity)

Cause without effect (General relativity)

How to create jobs through unemployment

How to reduce debt by using credit

How to increase security by arming your enemies

How to keep children from being harmed by imaginary weapons

How to decrease violent crime by arming only violent criminals

How to make citizens safer by making it impossible for them to protect themselves

They can use Love.

How to decrease the barbarity of violent crime by allowing only the most barbaric tools of violence

No one will be shived — that’s crazy talk.

How to save energy by using more energy to obtain less energy

How to improve health through limiting access to healthcare and increasing its cost

Children of reason: How to accept on faith that Scientific evidence exists for your preferred beliefs

How to create a comprehensive immigration reform plan that only accomplishes one thing

“Pathways to citizenship.”

Advanced Clinic: More than one hundred euphemism for “Amnesty”

“Pathways to citizenship.”

Our nation’s future: How to maximize the future’s competitive edge by minimizing the importance of today’s individual achievement

Our Space Program: Honoring Islam since July 29, 1958

We didn't build that.

Basic skills for women: Soldiering

Advanced skills for women: Mathematics

Basic skills for men: Sensitivity

Advanced skills for men: Empowering your female partner through Hergasm

Mohammad: More peaceful than Jesus — or else

How to identify the inner Progressive in every prophet



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