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One of my favorite things was taking a hot-looking girl who really couldn’t shoot as a partner and coaching her to just not make mistakes or leave anything for our opponents. I was shooting with a beautiful woman named Tanya as my partner one night. Tanya was tall and slim and dark, with long black hair so black that it reflected glossy blue. We were playing a couple of deputy prosecutors, and I knew she had the hots for one of them, a handsome stiff with a dishwater blond mop named Gary. When it was Gary’s turn, I told Tanya to walk past the end of the table opposite him, directly through his line of sight, just as he was about to shoot.

When she asked me why, I said, “You’ve got a great ass Tanya, and no man can avoid being distracted by the sight of it.”

Tanya objected. I said, “You want to beat them, don’t you? Do it!”

With a bit more encouragement, she did it. Gary nearly missed the object ball completely. Tanya and I both broke out laughing, and I ran the table.

A couple of nights later, the b—— did it to me.



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