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The Pecker Placement Tales: The Lost Chapters

George P. Bush and Chelsea Clinton

American Politics

“If a Clinton were to marry a Bush, the US could cancel elections.”

I mean, I guess, George P and Chelsea could both get quickie divorces or, perhaps, like they did in the Middle Ages, they could marry by proxy their children, Charlotte and Prescott Walker. Then, Chelsea and George P could ‘rule’ us peons as ‘Co-Regents’.

I must admit, the last time the people of the British Empire, including their savage American cousins, saw a Regency, they became dizzy by the period of excess, hedonism, and righteous, but riotous, good time. Seriously, even women of good character and blood were known to take their afternoon constitutionals in public parks with their naked breasts on full display!

The debauchery and extremism of the Regency period (which refers to a period that actually includes George IV’s reign, not just the periods that he served as Prince Regent during the incapacitation of his father, George III, through the reign of his brother, William IV) ended predictably. Throughout history, periods of extremism, moral incertitude, chaos, and disorder end with a violent revulsion and repulsion. The pendulum of morality, behavior, and sense loves neither extreme and will always swing at its most wild when pushed too far in one direction. Thus, predictably, the Regency period ended with the expected (in hindsight) Victorian Era. Whence their grandmothers once strode bare-breasted through fashionable parks amongst the aristocracy, Victorian women wouldn’t even permit their own physicians to inspect their naked flesh. They donned ‘examination chemises’ so that there was always some material, however light, between the two. In other words, one extreme led to another.


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