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American Politics

It’s pretty clear that a lot more people are susceptible to suggestive techniques and appeals to underlying psychological insecurities than I had ever believed. I recognized these as common phenomena on the Left, but clearly they cross all political boundaries.

These are the consequences of failing to place a proper focus on politics, politicians, and the government, while allowing Leftists to take over the public education system and indoctrinate generations of our children. While we were largely prosperous, there seemed to be little need to pay attention to these things. In the meantime, politicians were massively expanding the government as well as their own power and opportunities for graft, while teachers were misinforming students about the history of our country and the nature of the world and the people in it.

We finally reached the point where the government was simply too large and powerful to control, while the witless and misinformed clamored for government to do something to resolve whatever troubled their misguided souls. Along came a man groomed for his entire life by the Left, a narcissist and would-be messiah with delusions of grandeur, as completely delusional about political realities and human nature as he was about his own character and abilities. He promised the Left what it wanted, no matter how unrealistic, and they grasped it as not merely their own personal salvation, but the salvation of the nation and possibly the world.

After eight years of disastrous failures, lawless overreach by a president who took nearly dictatorial powers while a feckless opposition cowered and refused to fight him, the other side of the political spectrum had become utterly hopeless and convinced of their powerlessness. Along comes a similar character, another narcissist with delusions of grandeur, posing as a savior, preaching nationalism instead of social justice claptrap and Marxist economics. He has proven that people on the Right of center are just as vulnerable to become dependent on such figures and fantasies as those on the Left.

I weep for my nation. I fear for our children and the world they will inherit.

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