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Why are any of us obeying the law anymore?

American Politics

Political cartoon, Liar, Liar, Pantsuit on Fire, Ramarez

Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Susan Rice, etc., can lie to the entire world about Benghazi and a video.

Obama can disobey a direct court order relative to the BP oil spill.

Obama can pick and choose which laws he wishes to enforce.

HRC can violate the Espionage Act.

HRC can endanger our national security.

HRC can burn her schedules, a/k/a public property, in violation of the Federal Records Act.

James Clapper can commit perjury.

The Department of Justice can repeatedly lie to a federal judge.

Eric Holder can say his concern is with “his people” and cause the deaths of more than 200 via Fast & Furious.

Loretta Lynch can tell the Senate that she will not obey certain laws and still get confirmed.

Lynch can meet privately with the husband of someone under investigation, throwing away all professional responsibility and ethical obligations.

John Koskinen can commit perjury and obstruct justice.

Ben Rhodes and Obama can lie to the country about the Iran nuclear deal.

Lois Lerner can illegally release confidential taxpayer information to the FEC.

The IRS can, at the very minimum, improperly target people because of their political beliefs.

The VA can, literally, put our veterans on “Waiting Death Lists.”

Jon Corzine can steal investors’ money.

#BLM, “Black Lives Matter,” can loot and burn cities.

All “sexual assault victims” must be believed — unless they don’t fit the Left’s profile. (They must also be tried in campus kangaroo courts. So, if the guy really is a rapist, he is free to rape your daughter.)

A pharmacist, florist, photographer, or baker must obey, pay, or quit, while they can be discriminated against with abandon.

“Men are all predators, but you must allow any man into your safe space, girly!”

As per HRC, “Muslims have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

If a Muslim murders Latino homosexuals, it must be the gun-toting Amish.

(If we reinstate the assault weapons ban, then we can return to more people being murdered with them! Compare 2003 v 2014.)

If the Clinton Foundation “helps itself” to some of the Haiti Relief Fund, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

If Haiti called and wanted its gold back, it would be another 3 AM phone call the Clintons would sleep through.

If Hillary ordered State to give for-profit Laureate Education $55M, and it then paid Bill $16.46M to serve as Honorary Chancellor for 4 years, none yer bizwacks!

If, somehow, some people donate to the Clinton Foundation and then HRC approves the sale of 20% of America’s uranium — to Russiadon’t worry, be happy!

Obama says, “There really isn’t much demand for low-skilled labour, so let’s taken in a million illiterate, low-skilled migrants and refugees.”

Illegal immigrants don’t have to obey immigration laws and, if they commit a violent crime, they might be deported through the Obama Undocumented American Revolving Door.

Am I the only one wondering why I am obeying the law when so many others do not – and are cheered for it – in this absolutely fucked-up world?

I doubt it. The question is: How much longer are we going to put up with the fearsome triad of tyranny, lawlessness and corruption, for which we work and have the “honour” to hand over a good-sized portion of the fruits of our blood, sweat and toil?



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