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Castle in the Air


Castle in the Air

(Henry Cass, 1952)

Cast. David Tomlinson (Earl of Locharne), Helen Cherry (Boss Trent), Margaret Rutherford (Miss Nicholson), Barbara Kelly (Mrs. Clodfelter Dunne), A.E. Matthews (Blair), Patricia Dainton (Ermyntrude), Ewan Roberts (Menzies), Brian Oulton (Phillips), Clive Morton (MacFee), Gordon Jackson (Hiker), Pat Sandys (Girl Hiker), Russell Waters (Moffat), John Harvey (Andrews), Esme Beringer (Mrs. Thompson), Winifred Willard (Miss Miller), David Hannaford (Small Boy), Helen Christie (Jessie), Archie Duncan (Constable), Norman Macowan (Pettigrew), Stringer Davis (Hall Porter), and Paul Blake (Hotel Manager).

Castle in the Air has a relaxed pace and a proper ghost. If you’re a politico, some of the banter between the Socialist government agent and the Earl of Locharne might be surprising.

Open thread.



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