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The Screaming Skull


The Screaming Skull

(Alex Nicol,1958)

The Screaming Skull is a motion picture that reaches its climax in shocking horror. Its impact is so terrifying it may have an unforeseen effect. It may kill you. Therefore, its producers feel they must assure free burial services to anyone who dies of fright while seeing The Screaming Skull.


Cast. John Hudson (Eric Whitlock), Peggy Webber (Jenni Whitlock), Russ Conway (Rev. Edward Snow), Tony Johnson (Mrs. Snow), and Alex Nicol (Mickey).

Open thread.

PS. I have to be honest. This isn’t so much a movie to watch as an excuse to get away from your parents.

Update. I was completely wrong about this movie. It’s good. It’s a b-movie, which means that, at least, it’s put together badly. But within the b-movie universe, the story of The Screaming Skull is unusually good, and Peggy Webber’s notable and surprising performance keeps the movie alive all the way to the end. My original opinion was formed having dropped out before the half-hour mark.

Update. I should also mention that the less than exemplary execution of “its climax in shocking horror” makes me skeptical that any movie-goer’s life is ever really in danger from watching this film.



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