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The Best-Dressed “Sick Man of Europe”

The Free Market

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (@JunckerEU) allows the Swiss to curb the number of migrants it accepts as #Brexit forces the #EU to compromise on immigration:

Except, Juncker does not really recognise that there must be compromise. He just appointed “the most dangerous man in the EU” to lead the European Union in Brexit negotiations:

Michel Barnier, with a background of the European Union's flag's stars appearing as a halo

Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier, a Frenchman, naturally, is an über-Federalist, arch supporter of open borders, and loathes “Anglo-Saxon capitalism.”

He also hates Britain. He is still butt-hurt over the failure of the EU constitution.

IIRC, Tony Blair had promised to hold a referendum on the passage of the EU constitution, but because of the enormous disapproval of an EU constitution and the very real possibility that the vote would fail, Labour reneged on the referendum. The EU constitution was passed by 18 countries, but the French and Dutch voters refused to vote for ratification, and the idea of a democratically-passed constitution failed. A few years later, the unelected, unaccountable, undemocratic, globalist elites in Brussels and rarefied capitals, along with the assistance of their apparatchiks, slithered back and imposed the constitution on the people via the Treaty of Lisbon, which Prime Minister Gordon Brown signed. (But not in a public, filmed signing ceremony. He fucked his people, but didn't have the balls to do it in front of the lights, cameras, and media.)

Barnier supported the notion of having the French people vote on the constitution because it would, supposedly, follow the guarantee of a United Kingdom vote of approval. The UK failed to hold a vote, and the French politicians could not get out of their pledge. When the French citizenry finally voted down the constitution, Barnier lost his job as Foreign Minister, which he saw as a stepping stone to the Presidency.

Because he hates the UK so much for standing in the way of the position to which he was entitled (he believes), he will do as much as possible to make. Britain. pay.

This is interesting. During the negotiations leading up to the Versailles Treaty, it was France that demanded onerous (and “unpayable”) reparations from Germany. It did so even though it was warned that such could very well result in another European war. France didn’t care. It was all about vengeance and retribution. The same is happening now.

France’s economy is in the toilet and there is no light at the end of the tunnel under the current legislative, regulatory, and employment regime, which too many Frenchmen will not relinquish. Germany, while a much bigger economy, is facing serious headwinds. On the other hand and despite Project Fear, the UK’s economy is expanding. Just consider these two facts: Brits buy more than 2.4 million cars from Germany annually, and the UK’s businesses only export 4% to the European Union. In other words, the EU needs the British more than the UK needs 'Europe'.

Barnier, undoubtedly, will do his utmost to punish Britain for leaving. He will demand the open borders regime continue if Britain wants access to Europe’s “free market.” He will thunder that any imposition of border control and requirements for benefits will result in onerous tariffs on British products and services, or a ban on them altogether. And, just exactly who will all that hurt most? Europe.

The French had the best-dressed corpses on the battlefield in World War I. They persist in their retributive traditional posture, which will only result in their having the best-dressed “sick man of Europe” in the future.


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