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Theresa May, Don't Even Think of Abandoning #Brexit

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A Romanian murderer could be paid £500,000 damages by the British taxpayer after the court rules “his detention at an immigration centre was unlawful.”

You see, he should have been allowed to roam freely in the country whilst collecting the same amount of benefits as a British veteran that fought for his nation!

It’s not like a country should have a say as to whom is allowed into its sovereign territory, has any duty to protect the public, or can cite specific examples as to why it should “discriminate” against foreign rapists. Not in the collective wisdom of the judiciary.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Here are a few more of the oppressed, cultural enrichers the United Kingdom can’t deport:

The violent gang leader. Dawid Tychon led a Polish gang who attacked a father-of-four at his £2million home in London. Professor Paul Kohler was appallingly injured when he was beaten in front of his family. He was sentenced to 13 years after admitting aggravated burglary.

The paedophile and rapist. Victor Akulic, from Lithuania, raped a woman within a year of entering Britain. He even filmed the attack, and then forced the woman to watch the footage when she gave evidence. He was jailed for life with a minimum eight-and-a-half years.

The sex attacker. Gintas Burkinas, from Lithuania, walked into Britain after he was released from a ten-year jail term in his homeland. Within weeks, he raped a 31-year-old. He pleaded guilty to rape and grievous bodily harm and was sentenced to seven years.

Revenge killer and rapist. Ciprian Stanescu, 41, a Romanian, raped a woman within a year of arriving in the UK. He had been jailed for a revenge killing in his home country. He admitted rape and was jailed for eight years last September.

The double rapist. Convicted Polish rapist Rafal Bargiel, 40, came to Britain under a false name before subjecting two young women to prolonged sexual attacks to ‘teach them a lesson’. He was convicted of rape and false imprisonment and jailed for life last December.

Child trafficker and sex offender. Eduard Peticky, a Slovakian, was jailed for life for abusing and trafficking children in Rotherham1. He travelled to England in 2008 and was allowed to stay despite convictions for rape in his home country.

Knuckle-duster killer. Viktor Lakatos, 42, moved here in 2012 from Slovakia where he had served a six years for GBH. He was jailed in January for 18 years after launching a ‘barbaric’ knuckle-duster attack on a defenceless 89-year-old jeweller.

The axe murderer. Intars Pless, a Latvian, was convicted of murdering a drinking companion with an axe in 1994. After his release, he moved to the UK. He was convicted of causing death while drink-driving and jailed for ten years.

The murderous burglar. Ireneusz Bartowski [Poland], a convicted burglar, 22, stabbed an elderly couple to death in 2011 – a week after arriving in the UK to stay with his sister. He was jailed for life with a minimum tariff of 34 years for double murder.

The killer driver. Aso Mohammed Ibrahim ran over and killed Amy Houston, 12, in 2003 while banned from driving. The Iraqi was allowed to stay after serving a mere four months in jail because he had two children here.

The knife rapist. Mustafa Abdullah [Somalia] was jailed for ten years for raping a pregnant woman at knifepoint2. He was ordered to be deported but immigration judges refused saying it would breach his family rights.

The child sex attacker. Asylum seeker William Danga was jailed for ten years for raping a 16-year-old. After his release, the Congolese refugee, 40, raped two young girls while fighting deportation, and is now serving a 15-year sentence.

And include, from Romania, the rapist “of the most extreme nature”:

George-Josif Blaj, 20, fled to the UK after judges released him three years into a prison sentence for a horrific rape and three robberies in his home country.

Less than three months after arriving in Britain, he broke into the woman’s home in the early hours and throttled her until she was unconscious. When she awoke, she begged him to take her money but he refused, flashing a knife at her, battering her with a spade and subjecting her to a violent rape.

[When jailing him for 15 years], the judge branded Blaj a rapist ‘of the most extreme nature’.

Thousands of violent thugs and rapists from the EU are walking Britain’s streets and clogging up our jails because the Government has failed to send them home. They include rapists, robbers, paedophiles and drug dealers. The figure is all the more startling because there is a European agreement in place to send them home.

The inquiry by MPs found the top three foreign nationalities inside our packed prisons are all now from inside the EU — with almost 1,000 from Poland alone and 600 from Romania. Including those from the EU, the committee says there are more than 13,000 foreign criminals in Britain — a number equivalent to a ‘small town’ — either in jail or walking our streets.

More of those now living in the community after finishing their sentences have successfully resisted deportation by using human rights legislation.

Theresa May had better not even think about abandoning Brexit or renegotiating some new agreement wherein is freedom of movement, with attendant benefits earned almost immediately, or the blowback will be fierce. Furthermore, she’d better rectify the shambolic “deportation” policies of Muffin Cameron.

Despite the attention paid to the Muslim migrant invasion, native Brits have been incensed with the incredible influx of Polish and Romanian EU migrants to the UK for years. This chart somewhat explains the reaction:

Foreign Prisoners in UK Jails

1 And don't forget the thousands of young, poor, white girls who were raped, beaten, threatened, and trafficked by mainly Pakistani men, who were given carte blanche by Labour leaders, the police, and social workers for decades in order to curry Labour votes and to avoid being called “racist Islamophobes” — for reporting on rape!

2 And a child.


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