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The Trollenberg Terror (The Crawling Eye)

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Evening Weird

“What’s gotten into you?” Sarah and Anne Pilgrim

“What’s gotten into you?”

(Sarah and Anne Pilgrim)

The drive to hotel Europa: Sarah Pilgrim, Anne Pilgrim, Alan Brooks, and Klein

The drive to hotel Europa

(Sarah Pilgrim, Anne Pilgrim, Alan Brooks, and Klein)

In the mountain's shadow: Sarah and Anne Pilgrim

In the mountain’s shadow

(Sarah and Anne Pilgrim)

Early arrival: Philip Truscott, Hans, and Klein

Early arrival

(Philip Truscott, Hans, and Klein)

In the cable car: Alan Brooks, Dewhurst, and Brett

In the cable car

(Alan Brooks, Dewhurst, and Brett)

In the observatory: Alan Brooks and Professor Crevett

In the observatory

(Alan Brooks and Professor Crevett)

Peering into the cold darkness: Dewhurst and Brett

Peering into the cold darkness

(Dewhurst and Brett)

A newspaperman's-eye view: Sarah Pilgrim, Alan Brooks, and Professor Crevett

A newspaperman’s-eye view

(Sarah Pilgrim, Alan Brooks, and Professor Crevett)

Discovering the victim: Alan Brooks, Philip Truscott, and Hans

Discovering the victim

(Alan Brooks, Philip Truscott, and Hans)

Relaxing in the hotel Europa: Philip Truscott and Hans

Relaxing in the hotel Europa

(Philip Truscott and Hans)

The familiar stranger: Sarah Pilgrim, Alan Brooks, Professor Crevett, and Brett

The familiar stranger

(Sarah Pilgrim, Alan Brooks, Professor Crevett, and Brett)

Desperate measures: Alan Brooks

Desperate measures

(Alan Brooks)





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