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(W. Lee Wilder, 1956)

Cast. John Bromfield (Captain Brannigan), Lon Chaney Jr. (Swede), Victor Jory (Walter Fenton), Barbara Nichols (Mimi), Tessa Prendergast (Alita), Eric Coverly (Chavez), Vincent Chang (Domingo), Theodore Purcell (Big Boy), Vere Johns (Bianco), Jack Lewis (Warren), Arnold Shanks (Aleppo), and Clyde Hoyte (Calypso).

As I was screening this movie, two things were clear within thirty minutes: 1. it’s not a very good movie, and 2. it’s annoyingly interesting. These two things stood on opposite sides of the decision to post this movie and argued convincingly.

I’m not sure why this movie was even in the bucket. It’s not film noir, it’s not science fiction, nothing is radioactive, and it contains no castles and no ghosts. It has turtles, but I wouldn’t have known that before I watched it.

In the end, I decided that any movie that features a skeleton sitting on the ocean floor and holding up a bottle of rum should be posted on principle.

And so it is, without further consternation, I give you as a background matinee the not very good but annoyingly interesting Manfish, featuring a skeleton sitting on the ocean floor and holding up a bottle of rum.

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