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One Body Too Many


One Body Too Many

(Frank McDonald, 1944)

Cast. Bela Lugosi (Merkil), Blanche Yurka (Matthews), Lyle Talbot (Jim Davis), Douglas Fowley (Henry Rutherford), Fay Helm (Estelle Hopkins), Bernard Nedell (Morton Gellman), Lucien Littlefield (Kenneth Hopkins), Dorothy Granger (Mona Rutherford), and Maxine Fife (Margaret Hopkins).

They must stay together in his mansion until he’s laid to rest beneath the stars in a special sepulcher that’s open to the heavens, but the butler (Bela Lugosi) and the maid (Blanche Yurka) won't stop serving coffee.

No, really — that's what happens. :)

Actresses not appearing in One Body Too Many include Dorothy Lamour and Veronica Lake:

Dorothy Lamour

Veronica Lake

Open thread.



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