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“but most of all beware this boy” —Ghost of Christmas Present

Scrooge (Henry Edwards, 1935)



(Henry Edwards, 1935)

Cast. Seymour Hicks (Ebenezer Scrooge), Donald Calthrop (Bob Cratchit), Robert Cochran (Fred), Mary Glynne (Belle), Garry Marsh (Belle’s husband), Oscar Asche (Ghost of Christmas Present), Marie Ney (Ghost of Christmas Past), C. V. France (Ghost of Christmas Future), Athene Seyler (Charwoman), Maurice Evans (Poor man), Mary Lawson (Poor man’s wife), Barbara Everest (Mrs. Cratchit), Eve Gray (Fred’s wife), Morris Harvey (Poulterer), and Philip Frost (Tiny Tim).

Capture from Scrooge (Henry Edwards, 1935), Bob Cratchit (Donald Calthrop), Trying to warm himself at the candle

The door of Scrooge’s counting-house was open that he might keep his eye upon his clerk, who in a dismal little cell beyond, a sort of tank, was copying letters.  Scrooge had a very small fire, but the clerk’s fire was so very much smaller that it looked like one coal.  But he couldn’t replenish it, for Scrooge kept the coal-box in his own room; and so surely as the clerk came in with the shovel, the master predicted that it would be necessary for them to part.  Wherefore the clerk put on his white comforter, and tried to warm himself at the candle; in which effort, not being a man of a strong imagination, he failed.

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