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The Last Man on Earth


The Last Man on Earth

(Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow, 1964)

Cast. Vincent Price (Dr. Robert Morgan), Franca Bettoia (Ruth Collins), Emma Danieli (Virginia Morgan), Giacomo Rossi Stuart Giacomo Rossi Stuart (Ben Cortman), Umberto Raho (Dr. Mercer), Christi Courtland (Kathy Morgan), Antonio Corevi (Governor), and Ettore Ribotta (TV Reporter).

Based on the science-fiction and vampire horror novel, I am Legend, written by Richard Matheson and published in 1954. Matheson also wrote a dozen Twilight Zone episodes and the Star Trek episode “The Enemy Within.”

Along with I am Legend inspiring this film and several more, Matheson's other short stories and novels have inspired still others, including at least two noir films: his early novel Riding the Nightmare became Cold Sweat, and his Someone is Bleeding became Les seins de glace (Icy Breasts).

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