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“A Very Important Person Died Today”

American Politics

“A Very Important Person Died Today.”

Norma McCorvey.

She wasn’t a politician, or a scientist. She didn’t invent anything that revolutionized any aspect of society.

She wasn’t a philosopher or a poet, and there aren’t any monuments standing in any town squares, dedicated to her name.

In fact, few people are familiar with her name.

The name she is most well known for is “Jane Roe,” of the now infamous chapter in our nation’s history known as the “Roe v. Wade” legal battle, which opened up the door for the horrors of the abortion industry to slaughter thousands of unborn children in our nation, every year.

McCorvey’s story is interesting. Though it starts with Jane Roe, it somehow ends here:

Those who have had abortions can find forgiveness and wholeness. Those who are contemplating it, they have the option to choose life.



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