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Borrowed Wives


Borrowed Wives

(Frank R. Strayer, 1930)

Cast. Rex Lease (Peter Foley), Vera Reynolds (Alice Blake), Paul Hurst (Bull Morgan), Sam Hardy (G. W. Parker), Nita Martan (Julia Thorpe), Charles Sellon (Uncle Henry), Dorthea Wolbert (Aunt Mary), Robert Randall (Joe Blair) Harry Todd (Winstead), Tom London (Mac, Policeman), and Eddy Chandler (Police Sergeant).

Tom London (Mac), Paul Hurst (Bull Morgan), and Robert Livingston (Joe Blair), Joe Fleeing from Mac Rex Lease (Peter Foley) Charles Sellon (Uncle Henry) Nita Martan (Julia Thorpe) Vera Reynolds (Alice Blake)

I should warn readers that this movie is pre-code and that it contains, in particular, excessive trampiness and reckless driving. Still, I think it’s worth risking the children’s emotional health for the brief airport scene alone. Everyone should see that scene, what going to the airport was like, and as for the kids — we always have serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Open thread.

PS. “You’d rouse the John Gilbert in any man.”



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