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I think we weathered the storm.

Sketchbook was born the day a beautiful comment (if I say so myself) about the Russian band Pussy Riot died in Hot Air moderation. I suppose the reason why the comment died is asked and answered, knowing the subject matter and the author, but for the site — I think I just wanted a venue, a place where I knew, in a pinch, I could say what I wanted. The site’s grown into, if it has to be placed under a niche label, more of an opinion journal than a day-to-day, current-events blog. Here and there, something neat. (The "About" page captures a little more attitude.)

The future’s bright. In the background here is more mass than casual glances would notice. Staying with hints, this system supports more than one author and more than one site, and it’s designed to integrate everything into one, unified front. I know what it can do because I built it. (And it’s taking so long for the same reason.)

“Here and there, something neat.” I guess I found our community pretty neat:

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hmmm, hmmm, hmmm

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That's a Fact, Jack!

Great Moments on Hot Air: Comment registration is now open!

Nova's Patented Sweet Meteor Of Likrish Death

Denizens of HotAir: Dire Straits

Denizens of HotAir: Resist We Much, Axe

. . . a little heavy with Resist We Much, but she is very distracting.

If anyone is feeling sentimental, they might not want to skip in particular Bishop’s last stand, “Live-Blogging the Apocalypse.”

Anyway, this is Sketchbook, Axe’s site. Anyone displaced by the Hot Air clusterfark and looking for a place to hang out is welcome here. Today, tomorrow — whenever.

Changes, considering?

To be announced.

And with this, back to normal.

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